Laboratory unit

Laboratory unit

Pishro company “Pishro Polymer Tabarestan“ by establishment of laboratory unit and quality control , by using human power of specialist and applying laboratory tools and equipments, in all stages of production, performs qualitative tests and inspection on row materials and products according to present standards.

Quality control laboratories of Pishro company “Pishro Polymer Tabarestan” include chemistry, polymer, mechanic caliberation laboratories and  has the following responsibilities. Investiyation and quality control and discharge of raw materials.

  • Investigation and quality control and validation of productions.
  • Investigation and quality control of half-made products.
  • Control of production process conditions based on defined standards and doing tests in process of production lines.
  • Doing Internal calibrations of company by calibrators.
  • Collaboration with related companies a bout doing test and issuing report (because of having certificate of method from sapco)

Quality control tests of products:

  • Superficial quality control
  • Functional tests
  • Salt-spray test (resistance to corrosion)
  • Immersion in water test
  • Test of resistance to customary and cryogenic
  • Thermal oven (testing percent of fibers)
  • Climate test
  • MFI test
  • Colorimetric test by spectrophotometer (LAB)
  • Abrasion test
  • Spotting test
  • Light cabin system
  • Dynamoeter test

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