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History of Pishro Industrial group

Pishro industrial group include Pishro companies of Pishro Polymer Tabarestan , Pishro kimia plastic and moulding , Pishro piece making, started its activities with  purpose of design and making industrial moulds and producing plastic pieces since 1373, and after a short- time was present successfully in automotive industry , according to the abilities and technical science and modern machinery could be one of the raised makers of polymeric pieces ands moulds in automotive industry, one could get successfully B-grade from sapco company in 1378 and by continuity of activities, perseverance and increasing technical and fiscal power and updating machineries and equipments and reliance on responsible man powers and specialist could get grade A from sapco company in 1392, month of Tir , besides performing requirements of customers and establishing modern systems of quaility  management and empowerment in logistic domain.

At present , this group has Iso /Ts 16949.2009 certificate from Italy IMQ and utilizes machinery and daily technologies of the world such as Milling machines CNC, Gate milling cutter, CNC spark, machinery of injecting plastic from 60 to 1600 tones and makes moulds 25 tones weight including all kinds of mudguard moulds in automobiles and plastic pieces of different automobiles such as 206 Peugeot, 207 Peugeot, 405 Peugeot, Samand Runna, Tiba, Pride and … and Produces them for automobile customers Such as Sapco, saipa, 8aze-Goster, Mamoot and … In addition, this group could establish leatherworking and green template under the license of ESCHMANN in Germany and made decline of dependency to other countries It’s worth noting that industrial group with purpose of exalting the industry of country, making employment and entrepreneurship and educating the Skilled and generative manpower and one hundred percent private investment, could make proper substructures based on written plannings and using daily sciences,  and had the main role in self- sufficiency and decline of dependency and empowering inside production and now exports the products in addition to providing special plannings internally.

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