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Mansourkandeh industrial park, 3rd kilometer of kiakola road ,Babol , Iran

Pishro Industrial Group Using the best specialists in the world Producer of Different Kinds of Moulds & Automotive Polymer Parts

Pishro industrial group started its activities with the aim of designing and producing industrial moulds and plastic parts with Sapco under the name of pishro mould and part manufacturing since 1994. In 1999 applied major changes in the organization and besides performing Specific requirements of Sapco, as a quality management system and logistic form in July successful to obtain A grade in july 2013. In addition this organization has the ISO / TS 16949: 2008 certification from Marzban quality company (IMQ) which is a representative in certifying products and management systems of Italy in Iran. Moreover,  Modern laboratory facilities and equipment, employing over 50 plastic injection machines with a capacity of 58 to 1300 tons, employing the painting and wood effect lines, having advanced machinery manufacturing injection molds such as milling machines CNC Gantry, Spark CNC, to…

Board of Directors

Pishro Polymer Tabarestan

Gheysar Talebzadeh

General Manager in Site of Babolsar - Chairman of the Board in Site of Babol

Bachelor of Marketing management

Skills: mold manufacturing – Comercial and Marketing

 Experience: 30 years

RamezanAli Mokhtari

General Manager in Site of Babol - Chairman of the Board in Site of Babolsar

Master of Marketing management

Skills: mold manufacturing – Comercial and Marketing

 Experience: 30 years


Most in hands projects of pishro Industrial Group consists of new important parts of Iran khodro. Pishro Industrial Group plays an important role in new projects as one of the main leaders. A leading industrial group as one of the leading suppliers of automotive manufacturing companies, plays an important role in new projects. Some examples of ongoing projects in Pishro industrial groups are as follow


Spoiler is an aerodynamic automotive part which is designed to eliminate the undesirable air flow throughout the body of moving vehicle. Due to the specific conditions of production, this part is concerned as a difficult part to be produced. Pishro industrial group is proud to be a assigned as the producer of this part due to its bright background in producing sensitive components

2008 Bumper Skirt

Skirt is a decorative part which is assembled to the rear bumper of automobile. According to the localization of new Peugeot cars, the whole production processes from design to molds manufacturing and part production of this is the responsibility of Pishro industrial group. This Group by producing high quality parts aims to provide the best parts.

Runna Mudguard

This part is made of PP and has a utilization coefficient of 2 (left and right) in each car which is assembled inside the car’s front mudgaurd. Its mold weighs 25 tons which with respect to the size and weight of the mold can be considered as a difficult and complex to manufacture. Producing large and heavy molds with the best quality is another capability of Pishro industrial Group.



Mansourkandeh industrial park,3rd kilometer of kiakola road,Babol,Iran

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