IT and systems and methods Department

Information technology and systems Department in Pishro industrial group consists of two units:  information technology and systems and method.

The systems and methods unit

Their task is promoting the activities to develop systems and procedures, improve the company’s procedures and update the current documentations. The personnel in this unit hold meetings and form teams of relevant experts and after collecting their ideas; develop required methods and guidelines in order to order to plan and set priorities for each of the participating units. With the intention of enhancing the quality of business processes in Pishro industrial group, a set of activities are listed as the program of this unit:

  • Identifying the process and methods of present tasks, re-engineering processes of the organization, drawing diagrams of work processes, documentation, correction and standardize them across the organization.
  • Review and analysis of work flow chart in order to avoid overlapping and replications as well as removal of additional steps in Organizational matters.
  • Define and implement improvement projects and reconstruction models such as work place organizing (5S) and …
  • Reviewing and developing organizational structure (organizational chart and job descriptions).
  • Preparation and delivery of management information, including statistical reports and performance analysis, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and future prospects.
  • Supervising the implementation of processes communicated methods and used forms.
  • Establishing the most appropriate systems, methods and procedures of work in the organization.
  • Evaluating the customers’ requirements and ensuring that their satisfactory.
  • Offering suggestions for change and continuous improvement in addition to their implementation methods.
  • Employing quality tools for managers and employees to promote and ensure the continuous improvement of the organization.
  • Ensuring the adequacy and efficiency of the organization compared to competitors.
  • Managing the implementation and effective improvement programs related to the objectives and policies of the organization.
  • Collaborating with other team members in preparation of the strategic plan and the organization’s value statements.

The Information technology unit

IT department of Pishro industrial group was established by means of providing services and computer aids for staff, and performing all activities relating to computers, computer networking and knowledge in various fields:

  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the existing hardware
  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the existing software
  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the existing networks
  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the company’s website
  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the automation
  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the company’s email services
  • Providing Data security and data protection
  • Management, support, maintenance and upgrade the printers, fax and copy machines
  • Training needs assessment and performing the required programs personnel