Commercial Department

This department has managed to provide all the requiring materials and supplies by its experienced staffs since the establishment of the company and succeeded to speed up the supplying activities actively and independently. In addition, this unit with the aim of marketing, and creating the proper conditions for the sale of products, and also by using experienced staff and strong and effective management could take the required steps to promote the company.

The unit has qualified and committed experts who are responsible for marketing, sales and customer complaints.

Plans and Goals

  • Identifying reliable suppliers as well as raw material and manufacturing requirements supply with best quality
  • Planning and performing all activities relating to sales promotion, such as advertising, participation in fairs and seminars as well as using other means to introduce the company and attract potential customers
  • Preparing terms of contracts with customers in order to meet the needs and requirements of the parties
  • Customers’ Database Management
  • Taking all necessary actions to protect and promote the company’s brand
  • Considering effective marketing and creating efficient system with customers
  • Attracting and developing potential cooperation with reputable international companies
  • Data collection and analysis relating to the sources and suppliers
  • Assistance in choosing the best suppliers by providing expert opinions and offered cost analysis
  • Tracking the delivery of goods, customs clearance to ensure delivery to the customer or receiving from suppliers


We believe that providing any kind of Business Services, should present the competitive value and satisfaction of parties while maintaining profitability, as these are the important goal indicators for the company.

Parts of commercial department

  • Purchasing unit: Including the domestic and foreign purchase and supply of raw materials and production requirements.
  • Marketing and sales unit: consists of the sale of goods and services.
  • Marketing and Information
  • Contract unit


Pishro Polymer Tabarestan’s Strategy

Having Access to foreign markets and creating a perfect economic relationship with other countries has always been one of the company’s goals and concerns this relationship as one of the most important strategies in its business. Hence by attending variety of related domestic and foreign exhibitions, the company has been looking to make contact with foreign producers and manufacturers. Moreover, providing the most suitable procurement processes and systems for each project in accordance with their type and conditions is the strategy of the company.