Maintenance Unit

Based on the emphasis of this unit in carrying out the maintenance on the basis of new scientific principles and insist on the primacy of maintenance on repairs, and considering the main objective of Pishro industrial group in using the world’s new technologies in polymer industry, this complex, by benefiting from its operational capabilities, knowledge, experience, facilities and machines ,takes steps  in order to help the efficiency of production to increase based on modern methods of science in maintenance such as PM, CM, RCM, TPM. The activities of this department is summarized as following:

  • Routine, emergency, preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Maintenance Production Stations
  • Planning and implementation of modernization projects, optimization and increase of the production capacity
  • Implementation of written technical inspection programs for periodic, essential and device inspections with cooperation of Maintenance operator.
  • Applying statistical methods and techniques to analyze the obtained data and preparing a documenting report to the resolve the root causes of failure and stops.

Maintenance department goals

  • Fixing flaws and minor defects before the need for general maintenance.
  • Preventing the increase of defects and flaws and development of them in the whole system.
  • Extending the life time of equipment, and thus saving on the purchase of new equipment.
  • Reducing the production stops and preventing the losses due to interruptions.
  • Increasing the work efficiency in specialists of the installation and repair
  • Reducing General and repeated and unnecessary maintenance that will lead to savings in labors and human capital of organization.
  • Reducing the consumption of spare parts and related costs.
  • Determining the type of machines performance and defining the corresponding maintenance costs in order to make decisions about developing and selecting new machines.
  • Increasing production efficiency of machines and reducing machine production costs.