Human Resources Department

Pishro industrial group is a learning organization which is a pioneer in the field of human resources management that protects human dignity, is commitment in organizational values. Pishro industrial group’s personnel are professional, motivated, entrepreneurial, creative, proficient in the knowledge and skilled in exploitation of resources, challenging, competing in World business affairs that are selected in accordance with the requirements of the market and the culture of learning organizations and are continuously growing.

The organization’s mission in management development

We try to do our best to interact with the various units within and outside the organization and design organizational structure in accordance with the organization’s mission. Through competent and committed human resources, training and development and the establishment of performance-based compensation and Moral and material incentives in the preservation of human resources we try to keep the well-mannered and talented workers and provide a Joyful work environment with opportunities for growth and development in their career path.

Vision and goals of human resources 

The company’s goals and vision is to reach capable, professional, motivated and productive human resources along with the meritocracy absorption system based on the values of the company according with the Excellence Model of Human Resources and detailed attention to the following:

  • Skills and expertise
  • Expanding mental capacities and human dignity in partnership with personnel.
  • Developing a culture of quality and teamwork in all organizational activities
  • Increasing the employee’s participation in social activities and acquisition of knowledge as well as required passion to improve the life quality for employees.
  • Talent identification, recruitment and selection of qualified people and trying to teach, learn, grow and flourish the staff and preserving creative, motivated, loyal, hardworking and knowledgeable personnel.

Human resource values

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Proper and quick responding to customers and colleagues
  • Mutual respect, discipline, honesty and justice
  • Team work
  • customer servicing
  • Doing the right work
  • Justice
  • Focusing on planned goals and improvement projects
  • Smart work with creativity

Human Resources strategic objectives 

Human resource strategies have been developed after reviewing the needs, expectations and interests of staff:

  • On time recruitment of efficient and proper human resources
  • Increasing labor productivity
  • Maintaining efficient personnel
  • Developing human resources potentials
  • Optimal suitability between jobs and working