Logistics Department

By using the skill of its efficient personnel, in line with the company’s strategic plan and in accordance with international standards and requirements Logistics department of Pishro industrial group is taking steps in order to improve business processes and customer satisfaction. The units by relying on specialized knowledge of its experts receives all customers’ orders via Kanban and refer them to the relevant units for conducting the capacity planning for supplying material and transportation.

Production planning

Planning and inventory control unit, according to production process of organization, and by utilizing experts has always put production plans based on systems such as lean manufacturing and agile manufacturing in line with their business objectives and by considering the use of scientific methods, provides the best performance aligned with order deliveries in minimum possible time and proper quality as well as customer satisfaction.


Some of the advantages of shipment unit in Pishro industrial group can be named as follow:

  • Order and send system based on Kanban
  • Usage of means of transport in accordance with the customer’s demands and standards
  • Flexible sending time based on customer’s demands
  • High index of OTD (on time delivery)


Warehouse unit has always put services level improvement on its agenda. The entire processes and warehousing in the company is automated, and in accordance with international standards (ISO / TS 16949) and customer requirements (Sapco, etc.) The space inside the warehouse is equipped with advanced CCTV systems, fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers, air conditioning and lighting for work and the proper means of transportations is utilized. By utilizing the expertise that has long experience in warehousing, warehouses of Pishro industrial group differentiate themselves from other warehouses.

One of the approaches of managers in Pishro industrial group for organized work environment is 5S system. To establish and maintain the system, warehouses are systematically audited monthly and points of each warehouse will be used as a control indicator of warehouse. To set up the mentioned system, the training program of 5S has been taught to all workers and warehouse personnel by experts.

Logistics unit uses the following equipment to move products within warehouses and perform the unloading, loading and storage operations:

  • reach truck
  • Pallet Truck
  • Forklift
  • Hoists
  • wheels and cart

In addition, in terms of software system, all warehouses of company utilize integrated information systems for inventory control, production planning and….