Production Department

Production department in Pishro industrial group utilizes qualified management staff and modern machinery beside experiences of domestic and foreign experts and persistent efforts of its staff to provide Products with the best quality in accordance with world class standards for its customers and play an important role in automotive industry of Iran.

Pneumatic and injection machine production line

Pirshro industrial group is working with the production of polymeric parts for cars such as the Peugeot 206, Peugeot 207, Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars, Rana, Samand & Dena. These products are produced by using injection molding machines, more than 42 plastic injection machines with tonnage range of 60 to 1600 and capability of producing products from 1gr up to 12 kg. This unit by  utilizing 250 experienced personnel succeeded to produce the products with high quality and offer these products in a proper time to its customers. The company’s production lines include equipments and devices with different series of Haitian machines.

Color and Printing Process unit

Latest automatic and semi-automatic equipments and devices are used in coloring and printing unit of Pishro industrial group. This section of production unit is managed by skilled and experienced experts and takes efficient and effective steps in high quality painting of products and polymers which have difficult coloring process. The company employs the automatic process of washing, drying, healthy and uniform color spraying by using isolated cabin, suitable and automatic furnace and recovery system for coloring in uniform temperature in coloring section. In addition, to transfer parts, certain conveyors which keep regular and continuous movement along the path have been used.

Moreover, Pishro industrial group has been able to transfer the wood effect on the produced products with the best quality possible. The patterns have attracted customer’s satisfaction due to the type materials that have favorable stability.

Assembly process unit

Assembly unit of Pishro industrial group by using scientific and engineering principles as well as up to date management systems has taken steps towards the better implementation of this process. In this unit, following the confirmation of the products in production and color line, they are transferred to the assembly or packaging unit depending on the type of product. Products are assembled with high precision assembly equipments, re-testing and final inspection of the product by the quality control unit will be performed and, if confirmed, the items are transferred to packaging unit.