Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing Department

Design and Engineering Unit

Design and manufacturing department of pishro industrial group has started its activity with a focus on creating a favorable factor in quality, time and money based on employing experts by considering needs assessments and defining proper strategy. In addition to the aim of offering high quality facilities as well as attracting the satisfaction of employees and trustees of polymer industry. This unit provides all services related to the design, engineering and manufacturing support to its suppliers. Planning and designing the construction process and choosing the best materials and plans of action in accordance with the approved standards by the employer, is a responsibility of this unit. The Group has technical staff with expertise in mechanical, polymer and industrial engineers and is equipped with advanced software such as Catia, Power Shape and etc…  plastic injection simulation software used in this unit is  Mold Flow, and the applicable software used in Project Unit is Microsoft Project.

Manufacturing unit

This unit performs the activities related to making molds using milling and lathes, as well as new modern machines such as milling and spark CNC machines. Described Equipments which are used in this section includes the following:

  • 3+1 – axis gantry milling CNC machine – Fanuc boards
  • 3-axis milling machine CNC Fanuc
  • Spark machine CNC 60 Ampere-model EB900L
  • Spark machine CNC 120 Ampere-model EB60E
  • FANG / ZHANG Milling Machine -model X6330
  • Tabriz lathes Machine- model TN50BA, TN50BR
  • Radial arm- devices model JW