Laboratory unit

Pishro industrial group established quality control and laboratory unit with the aim of utilizing the skilled manpower and laboratory equipment and instruments in all stages of production. Quality tests and inspections are done in accordance with existing standards on its products and raw materials.

Quality control Laboratory of Pishro industrial group consist of laboratories related to chemicals, polymers, mechanics, calibration and … which are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Study and quality control in addition to clearance of raw materials
  • Study and quality control and validation of products
  • Study and quality control of semi-finished products
  • Controlling the process conditions according to defined standards and performing the tests during the production process in production lines
  • Doing Internal calibration by calibration instruments
  • Cooperation with related companies for testing and certification Report, (due to a having a method confirmation of Sapco)

 Quality control tests of Product:

  • Appearance Quality Control
  • Functional test
  • Salt Spray Test (Corrosion resistance)
  • Water immersion test
  • Normal and cold impact resistance test
  • Resistance to ignition test
  • Heat oven (Sipon test and thermal analysis)
  • Electric furnaces (fiber content test)
  • Atmospheric conditions test
  • MFI test
  • Colorimetric test with spectrophotometer (LAB)
  • Rubbing test
  • Blotting test
  • Cabin lighting devices
  • Force measurement test