Research and Development Department

Research and development unit of Pishro industrial group commenced its activities with the aim of contributing to the excellence of decision making in the organization. Providing better service to the company’s customers through the research activities, collecting information to support management decisions, systematically assessing the scientific activities and alternative thinking about current and future issues related to the quantitative and qualitative development are this unit’s task and responsibility to other departments in order to improve the activities.

This unit has the responsibility for coordinating all activities related to applied research and technology transfer about new products, As well as optimizing existing products of organization through planning, coordination and supervision of research activities.

The related tasks of this unit include the following items:

  • Searching and providing new methodologies regarding to current projects, research on a specialized subject in current projects and offering new standards and …
  • Conducting applied research on new technologies related to the company’s activities and planning for good infrastructure in order to implement them.
  • Cooperating with project team in order to achieve organizational goals.
  • Monitoring the test production and prototyping.

Objectives of Research and Development

The objectives of research and development in Pishro industrial group are as follows:

  • Promotion of knowledge and culture through innovation.
  • Scientific support of current projects by finding theories and models in world class levels.
  • Finding potential applications for new achievements and knowledge
  • Increasing the productivity of human activities.
  • Increasing self-reliance beside facilitating and speeding up the tasks
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Providing higher quality services
  • Offering new products and services
  • Implementing Innovation in accordance with customers’ needs