Coloring and Wood Effect

Painting unit (Paint spray, wood effect)


Painting unit of pishro industrial group by utilizing experienced staff and up to date equipment of Painting operations, is able to paint automotive polymer parts with any design in accordance with customers’ demands and provided Data Sheets.

In wood effect unit, after spraying the base color, wood effect films with a variety of different designs according to customers’ requests are installed on components and then moves through washing and drying canal and in next step, will be entered in Clean Room isolated environment and the special Killer will be sprayed on parts.

At the end, in accordance with presented standards, the painting firing setting will be applied and finally the final production will be produced. It should be noted that all these steps are done under the supervision of quality control department and Color conformity of produced parts with customer demands, will be measured by color recognition devices in Pishro industrial group’s laboratory unit.