Pishro Industrial Group

Pishro industrial group consisting of pishro polymer tabarestan, Pishro plastic Kimia and Pishro part and mold manufacturing, started its activities since 1994 with the aim of mold design and manufacturing besides plastic part production and after a short period of time succeeded to be present in Iran’s automotive industry. With regard to capabilities and technical knowledge as well as modern machineries, pishro industrial group thrived to be among well-known part and mold manufacturers in automotive industries and in 1999 obtained the B grade of Sapco and by continuous activities and perseverance besides increasing the technical and financial capacity plus updating the machineries and equipment as well as reliance on committed and skilled manpower Managed to implement the customer specific requirements and establish the new systems of quality management in addition to  Empowering the field of logistics, and prospered to obtain the A grade of sapco in 2013.

This group is currently holding Iso/TS 16949:2009 from IMQ Italy and by utilizing the up to date machineries and technologies such as CNC gantry milling machine, Spark CNS, plastic injection machines from 60 to 1600 Ton managed to manufacture molds up to 25 Tons for example different kinds of automobile mudguard molds and produce plastic parts for different automobiles such as Peugeot206, Peugeot 207, Peugeot 405, Samand, Runna, Tiba, Pride and … for its customers like Sapco, SazehGostar, Mammut , and others. In addition, Pishro industrial group established the graining and leather effect in Iran under the license of Eschmann from Germany and made the low dependency on other countries possible. It is worth noting that Pishro industrial groups with the aim of improving the country’s industry, Job creation and entrepreneurship, in addition to training skilled and productive manpower and by hundred percent private investment became able to create the appropriate infrastructure and based on the detailed plan and up to date knowledge utilization, and have a noticeable share In self-sufficiency, dependency reduction and empowering the domestic production. And now, in addition to internal supply, has certain plans of exporting goods on its agenda.


Having an influential role and becoming a leader in the area of producing plastic parts and creating a respectable brand based on the fundamental values of the Group.

Mission Statement

  • Providing high quality products with the aim of fulfilling the customers’ requirements
  • Industrial and economic development and promoting the technology of Polymer industrial in the country
  • Meeting the demands of customers using up to date technology and the best industrial components
  • Increasing the production and product variety, grow and deepen in Iran and other target markets
  • Effective participation in professional organizations to promote and advance the goals in polymer industry of the country

Strategies and Goals

 Improving the management and organization capabilities

  • Creating technological advantages and enhancing the quality of products and services
  • Utilizing, strengthening and creating the engineering, design and consulting cores as well as directing the efforts to implement initiatives at the national level and absorption of appropriate technologies
  • To maximize the use of production capacities and available equipment
  • Improving production methods to reduce waste and increase the efficiency of manpower.
  • Increasing the productivity factor of production and optimal use of hardware/software facilities complex, by creating or reinforcing links between the national partners and contractors.
  • Achieving principles of continuous and universal training in all levels of employment, strengthening and equipping the facilities and capabilities of training
  • Creating the necessary advantages through price leadership, improving the quality of products and services and …. to increase the share of target markets.
  • Creating networks of suppliers and contractors in order to promote the production and sales
  • Increasing the variety of products
  • Increasing the exports
  • Removing the production department bottlenecks by reconstruction and modernization of production lines
  • Using reliable sources to supply the parts and materials with high quality
  • Job creation